Bands, Spectra w/Metal Coil Wishbone

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Product Description

HammerHead Helix™ Helix Coil (for Notch Shafts)

Notched shafts are the most popular spearshaft design in the world but they slice cord wishbones in half.  With the HammerHead Helix Coil™ sliced wishbones are a distant memory.  Hammerhead Helix Coil™ fits all American and European speargun shafts.


ADVANTAGES with the Hammerhead Helix™ System

- All Helix™ Bands are hand tied to HammerHead Speargun specifications utilizing quality US components.
- NEW Hammerhead Helix Coil™. This wishbone will fit notched shafts! This cut resistant wishbone has the features of a metal wishbone without the risk.
- SAFETY MINDED - Metal wishbones are a thing of the past. Keep all your fingers and knuckles attached to your hand happy with this system!

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