Freedive Starter Kit (Low Volume Mask, Long Blade Fins, Snorkel, and Carry Bag)

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Product Description

Kaudal Fin System Propulsion from the rear, Hammerhead Kaudal Fins provide the edge for divers looking for increased speed and kick cycle efficiency. Tapered plastic composite blades effortlessly push water back propelling you forward. Removable footpockets transfer energy from your kick to the blade yet are comfortable enough to be worn without fin socks. Replacement kits for both footpockets and blades are available.

  • Start Freediving today with the HAMMERHEAD FREEDIVE COMBO KIT!!!
  • MV3 Low Volume Mask, Kaudal Long Blade Fins, Freedive Snorkel, and Carry Bag
  • Buy the most popular Freediving Brand in the USA and save up to 15%
  • ** You can even upgrade to the HammerHead MV3, Action GoPro Compatible Mask to capture and share your freediving adventure.

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