Open Cell 3 mm Black Benthos, Men

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BENTHOS from the Greek noun "depths of the sea". Organisms that live or hunt near the bottom of the seafloor or the benthic zone.

BENTHOS Open Cell Wetsuits by HammerHead Spearguns are specifically designed for prying benthic zones across marine and freshwater environments.


  • Two Piece, Jacket and Farmer John
  • Yamamoto 39, Open Cell ultra-stretch Neoprene, 3mm, 5mm or 7mm
  • Fully glued and Blind Stitched Seams
  • Chest loading pa
  • Re-enforced around buckles

Benthos for MEN and WOMEN

This 2 piece wetsuit features a ‘Farmer John’ style pants and hooded jacket to further increase warmth and comfort. Benthos Black Open Cell Wetsuits are made with 100% Yamamoto Neoprene making it the top choice for performance and warmth.

Seems are glued and blind-stitched making them impervious to water intrusion. Lycra edging is used around the wrists, and ankles, and reinforced beaver tail cuffs to prevent tearing.


 Benthos Size Chart


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