Ambush Rashguard, L/S, HH Camo, Green

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Product Description

HammerHead Ambush, Spearfishing Rashguards are the original warm-water spearfishing tops, designed by HammerHead Spearguns Founder Kevin Sakuda. 1 mm neoprene base on the chest and back provides warmth and stability for the chest loading pad; preventing the speargun from slipping while loading. THE ORIGINAL WARM-WATER SPEARFISHING TOP that has been worn by tens of thousands of spearos across the globe was developed by HammerHead Spearguns founder and US National Champion Spearfisher Kevin Sakuda especially for spearfishing in warmer waters. The HammerHead Ambush’s revolutionary design creates a stable chest loading pad, capable of handling the stress of loading long railguns. Where other lycra tops loading pads would slip from the pressure of a loading speargun, the HammerHead Ambush’s 1 mm Neoprene Chest and Back provided a stable backing preventing the chest pad from slipping under the force of the speargun bands. This is the first wetsuit top specifically designed for warm-water spearfishing; accept no imitations.

Blend in with any marine environment with the HammerHead Ambush Rashguard. The back and front panels are made from 1mm neoprene for core warmth and easy-moving comfort. The long sleeves keep you safe from harmful UV rays and jellyfish, too. The oversized chest loading pad provides textured traction for your spear butt, preventing slips and bruises from reloading. It also provides some cushion to prevent bruising. Wear it to disguise yourself from prey or hide from your friends!. Comfortable 1mm neoprene construction Oversized chest loading pad for added protection Long sleeves provide protection from the harsh marine environment Deep Reef camouflage helps break up your outline to hid you from fish 100% Neoprene



  • A HAMMERHEAD ORIGINAL. Exposure Protection and Chest-loading Pad. Specifically designed for Warm-Water Spearfishing
  • Neoprene Chest and Back provides stability for the chest loading pad, a crucial feature, and additional insulation. Compression fit minimizes water drag.
  • Power-Stretch Lycra Arms and Sides provide SPF 50+ UV and Jellyfish Protection
  • Coolest Part…. the camouflage pattern incorporates HammerHead Shark silhouettes allowing you to get you closer to your prey.


Size Weight (lb)
Chest (in)
X-Small 120-130 34"
Small 130-145 36"
Medium 150-170 38"
Large 170-185 40"
X-Large 190-205 42"
XX-Large 205-220 44"
3X-Large 220-240 46"
4X-Large 240-265 50"

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