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Hammerhead Proteus Speargun

This fully railed, Single band, closed muzzle speargun allows for quick and easy reloading.  Coupled with the Helix-Power™ Band and 17/64 heat treated stainless steel shaft.

Handle comes with a safety, line release, and built in clip allow for taggin up to the line or for cliping on a fishstringer.

Versatile, Adaptable, and Capable is the perfect description of the HammerHead Proteus™ Speargun.

Accommodate with a single Hawaiian Flopper style shaft (HF model).

  • Protean and Compact for spearing around Rocks and Crevasses.
  • Easy, Simple, High Quality Components for dependability.
  • Simple yet Effective Trigger Safety Lock
  • Patent Pending Metal Coil Band won’t cut fingers
  • Perfect Starter Speargun for Younger Divers


» Fully railed barrel.
» Closed muzzle.
» Power Helix bands with Metal Coil bridles.
» Handle comes reel ready, line release, safety mechanism, built in clip and large loading pad.
» Mono shooting line and front-end standard bungee.
» Variety of shaft and spear-head combinations available.



Product Name Model
Band Shaft
  Proteus Mini (Hawaiian Flopper)   HHE0860 30" 19.5"   1/2" x 18"   17/64" x 33 inches
  Proteus (Hawaiian Flopper)   HHE0861 34" 25.5"   9/16" x 18"  
  17/64" x 37 inches
  Proteus HF (Hawaiian Flopper) 75    
37.5" 31.5"   5/8" x 24"   17/64" x 40 inches