Reel, Composite 70 M

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REMORA COMPOSITE REELS provide the same beloved features of the remora series at a economical cost. Additional features include a collapsible handle. This allows for a bigger crank yet when folded keeps a low profile. A slow controlled tension stops their escape and allows you to fight the fish from the surface. When fish become wary increase your stealth by diving with a reel rather than a float line or combine the two for added stopping power.




Remora Composite Reel

With two horizontal mounting brackets for rail or wood guns HammerHead Remora Reels attach to just about any speargun.

Extruded aluminum or plastic track spearguns such as the Evolution, Rob Allen, Aimrite, or Rabitech are no problem.

Screw the flat wood mount into teak guns, hybrids, Riffe Euros, and customs.

For the strongest most permanent attachment flush mount the stainless steel bracket direct.


  • Horizontal Mounting
  • Streamlined folding winding arm
  • Mounts to Wood or Rail spearguns
  • Smooth easy use drag
  • Line guide
  • Light weight composite spool


Remora 25M Reel

Remora 50/90M Reel

Remora 70 Composite Reel

Remora Reel 25M Remora Reel 50M/90M Remora Composite Reel 70M



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